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"We care about your cat
as much as you do"

Dog Mountain Lodge Pet Spa

Reservations are Required.
We often fill to capacity on summer weekends and usually fill to capacity on major holidays. Call us as early as you can to assure your cat gets a room. However, don't hesitate to call us if you make last minute plans that require boarding your cat. We usually have space and we sometimes have late cancelations, even on holidays.

Vaccinations are Required
You must provide an up to date vaccination report before arriving showing Rabies and Distemper(FVRCP) or your cat can not stay at Dog Mountain Lodge. Vaccinations need time to take affect so they can give your cat immunity. If your cat is getting any of the vaccinations listed below for the first time we require that they be given at least one week prior to your cat's arrival.

If you don't have these medical records handy,
ask your veterinarian to fax them directly to us.

Phone Numbers of
Veterinarian Offices in Our Area

Ani-Mall Pet Hospital
Middletown, NY
(845) 361-3600

Animal Health Center
Middletown, NY
(845) 343-9888

Animal Hospital of Sullivan County
Ferndale, NY
(845) 292-6711

Bethel Animal Clinic
Bethel, NY
(845) 583-4117

Carbondale Veterinary Hospital
Carbonedale, PA
(570) 282-0744

Cherry Ridge Veterinary Clinic
Honesdale, PA
(570) 253-2402

Dr. Eitan Houri Mobile Veterinary Service
Monticello, NY
(845) 800-1220

Jeffersonville Animal Hospital
Jeffersonville, NY
(845) 482-5500

Jockeyport Veterinary Services
Hancock, NY
(607) 639-2200

Monhagen Veterinary Hospital
Middletown, NY
(845) 342-1091

Narrowsburg Veterinary
Narrowsburg, NY
(845) 252-1550

Quality Petcare Animal Hospital
Monticello, NY
(845) 794-0780

Roeder's Ark Veterinary Hospital
Otisville, NY
(845) 386-8700

Roundout Valley Veterinary Associates
Kerhonkson, NY
(845) 626-5555

Luann Steele
Livingston Manor, NY
(845) 439-3004

Tri-State Veterinary Medical Group
Port Jervis, NY
(845) 856-1914

Wallenpaupack Veterinary Clinic
Hawley, PA
(570) 226-2212

Wurtsboro Veterinary Clinic
Wurtsboro, NY
(845) 888-4884

Youngsville Veterinary Clinic
Youngsville, NY
(845) 482-3330

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding at a Dog Kennel?
Yes, like most dog boarding kennels Dog Mountain Lodge can also board your cat while you are away.

Cats at Dog Mountain Lodge have a separate quiet space all to themselves. Just like our dog kennel, our cattery is heated and air-conditioned for year round comfort. We have a fully automatic back up generator so we are never without power.

Each cat has it's own two-room cat condo. The living section has several shelves for perching and preening. Every cat has a view out the huge picture windows which provide plenty of natural entertainment throughout the day. The other section of the cat condo has a litter box which is separate and private for each cat.

Cat Boarding
$13 per day includes:
Room. Private cat condo with a view of the outdoors.
Meals. Our house brand, which is a dry food that provides excellent nutrition. If you prefer you can bring your cat's favorite brand from home.
Treats. Occasional treats during the day.

Special Needs Cats
If your cat requires medication we can administer pills and injections.

Common Reasons People Board Their Cats

  • No one is available watch them.
  • It’s longer than a long weekend.
  • Your cat gets spiteful when your are away.
  • It’s too long a time, too big a favor to ask.
  • People aren’t as reliable as you’d like.
  • Your cat needs medication.
  • You don’t trust anyone with your keys.
  • Your cat is an escape artist.

Cat Grooming
We do not bathe or trim cats at this time. We can trim your cat's nails while here or by appointment.

Important Policies You Should Know
Check-in/out and Fees
Please let us know in advance when to expect your cat's arrival and departure so we can be prepared and calculate your invoice correctly.

Check-in time: 9 AM to 5 PM, seven days a week.
We charge for every night your cat is here, regardless of the time you check-in.

Check-out time: 9 AM to 12 noon, seven days a week.
If your cat leaves after 12 noon we charge for an additional full day.

For example: If a cat checks in on January 1st and leaves January 2nd before 12 noon, the charge is for one day. However, if the cat leaves after 12 noon the charge is for two days.

Boarding Agreement
More information
When your cat arrives we will ask you to sign our boarding agreement. The document states in plain english our responsibilities and yours. Please read the agreement in advance so you are familiar with it. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have.

Phone 845-932-9393
FAX 845-932-9394
486 County Road 116
Cochecton, NY 12726

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